Reinforcing Good Recall

Many people have trouble training good recall in their dogs because they don’t know how to offer the rewards their dog wants off leash. Trying to compete with squirrels and geese and other dogs with dry dog treats isn’t going to work with even the most food-motivated dog, but lots of owners don’t know what to do instead. Let’s look at some ways to improve your reinforcers when you’re competing with every smell and chase-able animal in the woods.  Read More Reinforcing Good Recall

Do You Let Your Dog Sleep on the Bed?

It’s funny how many people are shamefaced about the fact that they let their dogs sleep on the bed with them. I guess it’s one of those things that people don’t talk about. I can’t tell you how many home visits I did where prospective adopters confided that even though they said they would have a separate bed for the dog to sleep in, it was more likely that their new dog would sleep with them the same way all their other dogs had. Read More Do You Let Your Dog Sleep on the Bed?

Your Depression and Your Dog

One of the most despicable and manipulative commercials I have ever seen was one for an antidepressant. The ad showed all of the ways people around the depressed person were suffering because of the depressed person’s condition. One of the ads showed a dog picking up a ball, only to look disappointed when he didn’t get to play. The implication was that your depression breaks your dog’s heart. Read More Your Depression and Your Dog