Confessions of a Death Hag

Ever since I was a child, I’ve been fascinated by accounts of death and murder. For me, it went beyond my love of horror films and the macabre and onto the deaths and murders of real, living people. With the advent of Wikipedia and the easy access I have to the internet, I was surprised but pleased to find out there are other people out there like me, so-called “death hags” who are interested in things like… Continue reading

Dog Marketing 101: Taking Photos of Shelter Dogs

I used to think that I was an incredible pet photographer. But it turns out it’s not hard to get some great shots when you are with your pets nonstop and always have your phone on you. The pressure’s certainly on when you are photographing a shelter dog. Not only do you have limited time with the dog, you’re trying to get it adopted! We all know that the pup’s profile picture is a deciding factor in whether or not someone will come in to visit. Continue reading

Book Review: The Beautiful Anthology edited by Elizabeth Collins

Although beauty is subjective, sometimes our culture seems to decide, collectively, what we “should” consider beautiful. Is it straight teeth? The right outfit? A certain weight? Time period and geography change the ideal, but The Beautiful Anthology considers a more personal definition, beyond the “shoulds” of the world. Twenty-seven writers contribute to this collection with essays, stories, and poems all aiming at expanding what it means to be beautiful.

Continue reading