This Week’s Best of Pinterest: Funny Things Edition (Cats Included)

Hello, my sparkling lovelies. I think Pinterest would like to help brighten your day, so let us take a look at some funny things I’ve seen floating about the place this week.

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DIY: Gallery Photo Arrangement

For some reason, I’ve always seen the apartment I live in as a temporary space and so decorating the walls was the last thing on my mind. I got a couple of framed flower prints from my sister-in-law one birthday, and those went up in the dining area. A poster went up above one of the couches because I saw one of a favorite painting for three bucks. Six years in, that’s pretty much all that was decorated in the living room area. A huge, blank, white wall sat behind our couch, the focal point on entry. After using a Groupon on some fancy framing for one of our wedding photos, I decided that it was about time to correct this. Read More DIY: Gallery Photo Arrangement

Picture This: Depth of Field

A art professor once told me that he believed everyone had the potential to be a great artist. Obviously it comes more naturally to some people, but everyone can learn and improve through practice which is why if you want to take good photos, you can’t give up! Last week we learned about photo editing; this week we’re going to talk about depth of field–another great composition trick to improve your photos! Read More Picture This: Depth of Field

The Dreaded Curse Of “Bad” Photos

Do not adjust your monitors. The image below is not some work of photoshop magic. It is merely a scan of photos that are now irreparably stuck together because they were left on a radiator.

Why would anyone leave perfectly good pictures of a vacation to a tropical paradise atop a hot radiator? That is an excellent question. Well, that picture at the top of the stack was the only picture of myself in the whole stack, and I hated it. Read More The Dreaded Curse Of “Bad” Photos

Profile In Flabulousness: Nancy Upton (She’s The Next Big Thing, For Real)

Even if you don’t totally recognize the name Nancy Upton, you have seen her pictures everywhere. For the last two weeks, news outlets and blogs have been abuzz about the woman who entered American Apparel’s Next Big Thing Contest by sending in pictures of herself bathed in ranch dressing, eating in a pool, and covering her lady regions with a cherry pie. For those in the know, it was clear that her intent was to skewer the way American Apparel and other fashion industry giants seem to view plus-sized women. Read More Profile In Flabulousness: Nancy Upton (She’s The Next Big Thing, For Real)

TDG: Fruit and Veggie Photo Spam

I’m starving, and I really want something that grew in the dirt to eat, so for this morning’s daily goodie I’ve found a whole bunch of gorgeous photos from my favorite photo source, morguefile.  Find all sorts of pretties after the break, 100% animal product free for our vegan reader friends.  Read More TDG: Fruit and Veggie Photo Spam

Open Thread/TDG: 2/17

Who here is ready for spring? I can’t wait. I’m ready to hear birds and smell the fresh spring air while I shove my big, bulky winter coat into the back of the closet until October. For today’s Daily Goodie, I thought we all might enjoy some pictures that remind us spring is right around the corner.  Read More Open Thread/TDG: 2/17

Photographer Spotlight: Finch

We would like to welcome the newest addition to our little family here at Persephone! This is Finch Linden, a wonderful photographer who was more than willing to contribute to this site. Lets all make her welcome. She has some amazing photos of just about everything. Here are some photos below. Take a look and enjoy this new addition to our little family! Read More Photographer Spotlight: Finch