This Week in Misogyny: It Just Keeps Coming

There’s never an end in sight when it comes to finding misogyny in the news. People are literally getting away with murder, telling high school girls that they ought to focus more on being moms than getting jobs, making it harder for women to get healthcare, and just generally being terrible human beings. (As usual, trigger warnings apply for just about everything). Continue reading

This Week in Misogyny Goes Hulksmash!

I wish I were here to bring you good news, but that’s in short supply this week. What I’ve got instead is abortion bullshit, rape apology/victim-blaming, more things that feminism has ruined, a Nice Guyâ„¢, and the woman who wants to feed him to sharks. Actually, that last story kinda made my day. (As usual, trigger warnings for pretty much everything apply.) Continue reading

Fear of The Scarlet Letter “H”

Q. Logically, I know that if I can get a pimple/blemish on any other part of my body, then it stands to reason that my girl bits could also get what seems like a pimple. That doesn’t stop a small voice in me from freaking out, like, “OMG, I have some sort of horrible disease that I don’t know about,” even if every annual exam comes up A-OK. Put my mind at ease? Continue reading

News Appetizers: Girl, I Do Not Like What I See Out There

Welcome back, poodles, for another roundabout recap of all the news that proves that this dear country is headed to hell in an embroidered handbasket. Will we make it through the week with a forced smile on our faces, or will we grimly gather round the old television and lament the very forces that make all things seem ever so desperate and awful sometimes? Either way, there will be gin – cotton candy for those who abstain from the devil’s drink. So gather up your wills and your wiles, let’s meet this week’s news head on with a brave face and a tight grip on sanity. Continue reading