Why I Take Things For Granted

There are few things I hate being told more than, “Don’t take [insert topic of conversation here] for granted!” It’s a stupid, short-sighted, mental health-destroying piece of advice and if I could set it on fire, I would. I would burn it in effigy and dance in my underpants. Read More Why I Take Things For Granted

Loving and Grieving

One of the curses of love is that if you love someone enough, their pain becomes your pain. Friends, family members, significant others: the more people you love, the more chances you have to get your heart broken.  I’m speaking specifically of grief. In 2010, I had occasion to watch more than one person I love (as it happens, close friends) deal with a devastating loss. These weren’t my losses; I was a spectator, a participant in the grieving process rather than a grieving person myself. Read More Loving and Grieving