Political Roundup 1/28

We’re back with another litany of Congressional chicanery, including a bill to redefine the word “rape” and another to privatize Medicare and another to enslave politicians to corporate money, but don’t worry! There’s a funny Jon Stewart video to balance it all out (that will balance it all out, right?). Happy Friday, guys! Read More Political Roundup 1/28

Political Roundup: Broken Promises Make Me Smile

Just to be upfront about how much of a hole I’ve been living in the last two weeks or so–I was cocooned in this wonderful vacation haze where I lay in bed and literally ate truffles, venturing out only to break in my bowling arm and watch some high school basketball–in short, I did not expose myself one bit to political blogs and newspapers that would awaken Angry Meghan (SMASH!!!) and ruin an otherwise lovely break from brain-exercise. Read More Political Roundup: Broken Promises Make Me Smile