Even More Politicians Making Funny Faces

Everyone seems to be hot and cranky this week. I thought I’d lighten the mood with another edition of politicians making funny faces, since the last one was so popular. Read More Even More Politicians Making Funny Faces

Sorry, Anthony

Much virtual ink has been spilled this week over Anthony Weiner’s Twitter indiscretions. Pretty much every “weiner” joke in existence has been published in the past few days during “Weinergate.” (Damn you, Richard Nixon, that every political scandal should have “-gate” appended to it.) And yet for all the words written about the whole mess, from the calls for resignation to the heartfelt defense, one thing that has been conspicuously absent is compassion. Read More Sorry, Anthony

Find Pets with Your Face ““ Or Someone Else’s Face

Yesterday, I came across this post at pawesome.net that pairs humans with dogs based on similarity in facial features. You input your picture, and the doggleganger shoots out a picture of a dog that matches your face. That’s right ““ now anyone can indulge their narcissism to such an extent that even their dogs can be chosen specifically to look like them. Read More Find Pets with Your Face ““ Or Someone Else’s Face

Politicians Making Funny Faces

When you work in politics, you learn a lot of things, but there are some that you never imagined yourself ever thinking about. Like how to use a coat hanger to make a flag hang in a way that will look good in a photo, for instance. But two of the things I learned that have actual relevance to this post are: Read More Politicians Making Funny Faces