Live-Blogging(ish) the Election Results

Good evening, readers. Hattie here bringing you the latest on the midterm election results as they come in, starting at 7:00 pm EST. EIC Ophelia, in what she will likely come to consider a bad decision, has given me the keys to the castle for the night. I plan to lower my grammatical and journalistic standards in order to keep the updates coming. Read More Live-Blogging(ish) the Election Results

Is Voting Cool?

I’ve noticed today on Facebook that the election is all anyone can talk about. Many of my friends (Democrats and Republicans alike) have added an “I voted!” icon to their page, and there’s a ticker atop my home page telling me how many Facebook users have done their civic duty so far today (current count: over 9 million!). It got me wondering: is voting cool? Read More Is Voting Cool?

Michael Moore on Voting in Spite of Disillusionment

I enjoy Michael Moore in the way I enjoy Bill Maher, with a big old grain of salt.  As a moderate liberal lady, I do agree with the letter he sent today encouraging even the most disillusioned Dems to get out and do something anyway.  The news has been rich with stories of Dems not caring or wanting to participate, especially liberal ladies like myself.   Let’s all – liberal, conservative or independent ladies – prove the media wrong by getting out there and making our voices heard and our votes count.  Moore’s letter after the cut. Read More Michael Moore on Voting in Spite of Disillusionment

2010 Midterms: What’s at Stake?

The 2010 midterm elections will decide who will fill all 435 seats on the House of Representatives and 37/100 seats on the Senate.  To gain control, Republicans need to gain 39 seats in the House and 10 seats on the Senate.  If, as predicted, the Republicans/Tea Partiers do gain control, current Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi will be replaced by Ohio Republican Rep. John Boehner.  Read More 2010 Midterms: What’s at Stake?

Working for the Man

Hi, my name is BaseballChica03, and I work for an elected official. (We’ll call him Bossman.*) We staffers ordinarily have a pretty thankless job, but it seems like this election season more than most brought out extra hate for local, state, and federal employees. I realize that cities and states all over the country are in a budget crunch, and the idea of your tax dollars going to my salary is distasteful to some people. But our jobs are pretty important, and on this Election Day, I’d like to take a few minutes to tell you a little bit about what it is that people like me do for a living. Read More Working for the Man

Bennet v. Buck (CO): The Economy is Not the Only Issue at Stake

According to Public Policy Polling (PPP), the latest poll in Colorado’s hotly contested Senate race shows Republican nominee Ken Buck leading Michael Bennet, the incumbent Democrat, by a mere one percentage point. With all my heart I wish I were a registered Coloradan voter and could cast my hat in the ring for Bennet. Read More Bennet v. Buck (CO): The Economy is Not the Only Issue at Stake

Making the Most of Voting Day

So, it’s that time of year again”¦time to renew your right to complain about the government for another year or two! Here are a few links to get you jazzed, and to give you all the information you need to make today the best election day ever! Maybe your state isn’t voting this year. Even so, if you care about the national political landscape, you should be paying close attention to today’s races. They will have an effect on the next two years and beyond. Read More Making the Most of Voting Day

Talking About Politics With Relatives

Some of the staunchest left-wing supporters I know are converts–people raised in a conservative household, who left home and suddenly realized there was an entirely different, seemingly magical viewpoint available to them, one that didn’t glorify the rapacious tendencies of corporate empires or cry “freedom of religion!” only when the religion in question was Christianity. Read More Talking About Politics With Relatives