Science News: 10/16/13

Welcome back to science news! This week, we’ve got a rundown of all the awful things the government shutdown has done to scientific research and more men who won Nobel Prizes (sorry, ladies!), but also a lot of cool findings from ancient history (the cave painters were ladies!) and some awesome videos about supervolcanoes on Mars and a SpaceX Grasshopper launch. Read More Science News: 10/16/13

Fascinating Science Wiki-Spirals

I spent the whole weekend travelling. It was pretty great, but boy are my arms tired. Wait, I don’t think I set that joke up correctly. Never mind that, I have a point to get to! And the point is this: when I am traveling, I like to read something light and interesting, and with huge long layovers in airports with nice WiFi services, wiki-spirals were the natural choice. Here are three I particularly enjoyed. Read More Fascinating Science Wiki-Spirals