PoC News in America

We have another video heavy article this week. Let’s get to it!

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A Memorial for Andy

When I first arrived in Liverpool, I had very little money and nowhere to stay. I managed to get the last available bed in the mixed dorm of a hostel that was crowded, dark and not completely tidy, but it had an atmosphere that made me and everyone else feel right at home. Within days, I had made friends and became a member of staff. All the adventure I had felt was missing in my life was now happening at breakneck speed. Apart from dealing with life in a foreign language, I had to adjust to the hostel’s booking system, working hours and social hierarchy as well as the weird and wonderful people who knocked on the door every day. Life in the hostel was like living in a bubble, as far removed from most people’s regular lives as possible. Those of us who had made the choice to live there embraced this otherness, and I’d like to think that those who had come out of necessity managed to be at peace for a while. Read More A Memorial for Andy