It’s September Slash

Slash has come back into my life in a big way lately. Not only have Carolina and I played the card game a few times recently, we have been crushing hardcore over Stucky (Steve Rogers/Bucky Barnes). It’s September now and slash is an s word so hey alliteration for the win. I present to you my five favorite slash pairings (some canon included).  Read More It’s September Slash

Breaking Up is Hard to Do

Giving up something you have loved for six years is really really freaking hard. Anytime someone breaks up with a long term relationship, the fallout hurts immensely. Last week, I was forced into a break up of a six year relationship. Transmisogyny ruined this relationship. (Spoilers below) Read More Breaking Up is Hard to Do

Drug Life

As a curator of pop culture, I have run across plenty of “very special” episodes. The ones where they try to bang you over the head with the lesson of the day. Most fail at this because they definitely bang you into oblivion or they are really hilariously badRead More Drug Life

Lunchtime Poll: Summer TV Viewing

Summer television used to be the dregs of the barrel for the networks. It used to be where you would dump the extra episodes from a bad show or show pilots for failed shows and label them as TV movies. Over the years, networks then added reality shows to the mix. This has proved to be my downfall. I love trashy reality competitions and the summer has one of the best and trashiest in Big Brother. I have a thing for competitions and games of any kind. Add in swearing, cute people, politicking, and general craziness and you hook me for life. This also applies to any Real World/Road Rules Challenge. Read More Lunchtime Poll: Summer TV Viewing

My TV Feminist Role Models

For most people, we consume entertainment as a means of escape from our daily lives. We imagine we are space western outlaws fighting to survive on the outskirts of the solar system or are Mr. Manager running our own awesome banana stand. We use entertainment to examine parts of us that we may not necessarily even realize exist within. Some of my favorite characters are ones that I identify with the most. Is it necessary to identify with a character on a show? Probably not, but for me, it makes watching TV much more enjoyable. Some shows like It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia have no likable characters, but that forces you to really examine your most inner demons. Read More My TV Feminist Role Models