Science News: 2/26/13

A lot of really cool stuff has happened in the last three weeks, so let’s dive right in to find out what’s new with Mars, Antarctica, dinosaurs, adulterous monkeys, and so much more! Read More Science News: 2/26/13

Trivia Tuesday: Riddle Me This

question marksI’m feeling kind of old-school today.  Before we had bar trivia, before quiz shows made it into primetime, we had riddles.  Read More Trivia Tuesday: Riddle Me This

The Summer I Was 17 (Or Any Other Year)

17 is an interesting age.  It is nestled between driving age and adulthood, a prime number that is written using the numbers 1 and 7.  You add 1 and 7 together you get 8.  If you take the number eight and lay it on its side, you have the symbol of infinity.  What does all this mean?  Not a damn thing really.  Seventeen connotes the last exhilarating steps toward the huge change into adulthood, the end of high school, when most of us have gotten laid for the first time.  We need seventeen to be this little island in our minds that we can refer to when we want to reminisce about simpler times.    Imposing sunkissed summer days on the number makes it even warmer and fuzzy to curl up in when the complexities of life as we know it turn our emotional skies gray.   17 is simply what we make it, regardless of the year. Read More The Summer I Was 17 (Or Any Other Year)