News in Europe: VE Day

Greetings, citizens, from the land that knows no spring (I’m *this* close to getting the phrase patented and internationally recognized)! It’s VE Day today (Liberation Day where I come from), so spare a thought for those who made this Europe possible. Meanwhile, its story is moving on, and like I said before, history likes to repeat itself, only nobody is listening. Let’s get right to it. Read More News in Europe: VE Day

Adventures in Clinic Escorting

A few months ago, I decided I would put my reproductive rights rhetoric into some action and started looking into opportunities for clinic escorting and general volunteering in the arena of women’s health and rights. The Supreme Court is currently reviewing a case that challenges the buffer zones around abortion clinics on the grounds that it limits the First Amendment rights of plump grandmothers and other “sidewalk counselors.” Read More Adventures in Clinic Escorting

News in Asia: A Brief Overview of Abortion Rights in Asia

Abortion rights and women’s reproductive health have been a prominent topic in the U.S. and European media lately. In the States, there was an epic political showdown in Texas as Democratic legislators fought to prevent the passing of a highly restrictive law that would shut down the majority of clinics that provide abortion and other reproductive health services. Read More News in Asia: A Brief Overview of Abortion Rights in Asia

The El Salvadoran Government is Killing Beatriz

Just months after the tragic death of Savita Halappanavar, another young woman is set to die from anti-choice policies. After weeks of fighting for the abortion that would save her life, a woman going only by the name of Beatriz was denied the procedure by the El Salvadoran Supreme Court on Wednesday of this week. Savita’s death can be written off by some as mistake or a medical tragedy rather than institutional misogyny, but if Beatriz dies, it will be at the hands of El Salvador’s courts.
Read More The El Salvadoran Government is Killing Beatriz