Coping with No (Work) Internet

I have been without steady internet at my job for a little over two weeks now. For context, I work at a school and if you ever wondered if we were maybe too technology dependent, visit a school. I’ve also had a computer at home that’s decided that this would be a good week to keep freezing. Internet withdrawal is real. Read More Coping with No (Work) Internet

A Guide to Snow Days

It’s the winter time in the Northern Hemisphere, so you might be sleeping with your pajamas inside out and praying for a snow day all the days. Are you also an adult without real responsibilities so you can fritter away your snow day in the most wasteful ways possible? Do you even know how to waste time anymore? Childless single people, this is your time to shine.

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6 Ways to Procrastinate On Your Writing

This article has been a long time in the making (cue recorded audience laughter). I’m a graduate student in the humanities, therefore I write ALL THE TIME. When I get to write for my own leisure, whether it’s for all you wonderful people or for my blog or for that book of short stories I’ve been trying to tackle for the past few years, I am at my happiest. Writing about things that I want to write about versus writing specific assignments for class, to me is like having ice cream versus having frozen milk… right, it doesn’t make sense.

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