Professionalism and Oppression

Early in the life of my blog, I was trying to focus on being “adultish” — which included some fashion and lifestyle tips and musings that reflected on acting more mature and professional. But lately, I’ve been wondering, what does that even mean? Read More Professionalism and Oppression

How to Be the Best New Employee Ever

It’s your first week on a new job. You are the new kid in the cafeteria, the one unfamiliar with the lingo and the customs of this environment. You will be awkward. You will be a little too formal on Monday and a little too casual on Wednesday when you overcorrect. People will forget your name and they will stare at you in meetings. You will get lost on your way to every conference room and you will agonize over whether to sign your emails with “Thanks,” “Sincerely,” or just your name. You may get stuck in a stairwell.

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The Speaking Out Dilemma: Professional Edition!

In my personal life, I don’t hold back when it comes to my politics, which are nothing if not in-your-face feminist. Why should I? I pick the people with whom I choose to socialize, and though they say you can’t pick your family, I give that my best shot as well. Read More The Speaking Out Dilemma: Professional Edition!

Ask The Editors: Hair, Hair, Everywhere

Greetings, kittens, and welcome back to another roundabout session of Ask The Editors, where we dive into the ethos of the Persephone question game. This week, we are talking about a subject that most ladies seem to deal with once they move into a certain sphere of life: hair–what’s professional? How will we answer? Who knows? Seek the answers you wish to find below, as we expend our collective knowledge on frizz, pigtails, and what the hell “professional” hair means. (Frankly, we still aren’t all that sure.)

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How to Ace an Interview

I have a good-looking resume. Each line item begins with an action verb and more than 80% of them include a statistic to quantify my accomplishments (see what I did there?). I look decent in a skirt suit, I own sensible shoes, and I even have a leather portfolio to help me pretend to be a grown-up. These are not the reasons people hire me. Read More How to Ace an Interview