On Marriage and the Role of Government

Yesterday, I came across this NYT blog piece about the change in support for and opposition to marriage equality over time. And last week, a new Sienna poll was released suggesting enormous support for marriage equality across all of New York state. Read More On Marriage and the Role of Government

Ladyguide: How Persephone Gets Made

As we say in our masthead, we’re a daily blog for bookish, clever women.  Would you like to know what goes on behind the scenes to bring all this wordy goodness to you every day? Read on! Read More Ladyguide: How Persephone Gets Made

Let’s Talk About Sex, Persephonies.

Dear readers, it’s time to get yourselves geared up for Persephone’s very first Sex Week. That’s right, an entire week dedicated to sex and what you have to say about it, because frankly, I don’t think it’s possible to talk about it enough. Are you excited yet? Read More Let’s Talk About Sex, Persephonies.

Ladyblogger Defeats Reply Bug, Nation Cheers

Maybe that was a slight exaggeration… You may now resume replying to comments! I kicked that glitch square in the teeth and everything’s working the way it should again.  I think I may have fixed the registration bug, as well.  Happy Friday!

Replying to Comments

Is totally hosed right now, the theme isn’t supporting threaded comments. In the meantime, if you use the @ symbol plus the username (you can double check the person to whom you are replying’s profile) your reply will appear as a notification in the little bar at the top. I’m working on the problem in the meantime!

We Want Your Stories

On Thursday,  we’re running pieces by most of our regulars and a few friends about the summer each of us was seventeen, and we want to see your stories up here with ours.  We’re looking for all kinds of perspectives, from more objective articles about trends, news or pop culture to more personal stories.  Read More We Want Your Stories