Yay Marriage! What’s Next?

Now that Notorious RBG and her crew used some jiggery-pokery, marriage equality is the law of the land. Everybody seems to be asking, what is next? Read More Yay Marriage! What’s Next?

Why Pride Matters

Every year, an article comes out from a queer person bemoaning that Pride is nothing but problematic for the queer community now. I can understand some of the sentiment like the big Pride parades are all corporate tools for marketing; that gay inc is selling us out to the highest bidder. This may be true but it doesn’t matter as much as getting together with your friends and having a wonderful time does. Having fun is only part of the story though. To me, Pride is about us living our lives to the fullest and being fully realized people. As a transperson, this means being out and proud about my past, my present, and my future. Read More Why Pride Matters