It’s Bisexual Awareness Week, Y’All

I first came out as bisexual in high school in a scary wasteland called Montana in 1999. Now, I wasn’t out to everybody, but enough people guessed I was queer of some sort I routinely got called the f word. I came out to more people as bisexual in high school than I did trans because I still didn’t quite know what trans meant for me. I also assumed that being bisexual would be easier to explain.  Read More It’s Bisexual Awareness Week, Y’All

Yay Marriage! What’s Next?

Now that Notorious RBG and her crew used some jiggery-pokery, marriage equality is the law of the land. Everybody seems to be asking, what is next? Read More Yay Marriage! What’s Next?

A Queer Trans Person’s Holiday Experience

I used to love the holidays. Christmas was my second favorite celebration next to my birthday. I enjoyed getting together with my grandparents, aunts, uncles, and cousins. My parents and I would make the trek to my grandparents’ farm around the 20th or 21st and we would stay through the 28th or so. My mind gets lost in the memories of all the smells, sounds, and tastes of the holidays. I always seemed to get good presents and have a good time.  Read More A Queer Trans Person’s Holiday Experience

Dispatches from Ladyblogland

If anything captivated ladyblogland this past week, it was Ferguson. Our PoC news captured a few articles yesterday. I’ve rounded up a few, plus some other articles of interest.

Read More Dispatches from Ladyblogland

Dispatches from Ladyblogland

This week, I attended an academic conference in which someone addressed the topic of mass incarceration of black women, a topic that ladyblogland has talked about for years. It makes you think: there’s a lot of good work being done here in ladyblogland. With that in mind, let’s see what the bloggers talked about this week. Read More Dispatches from Ladyblogland

Lunchtime Poll: Engagement Stories

My favorite celebrity got engaged to himself yesterday in ATT Park in San Francisco. Wait, what? Kanye did not get engaged to himself? So my birthday mate, Kim Kardashian, got a nice big engagement story from Kanye thanks to his proposal.  Read More Lunchtime Poll: Engagement Stories

Pride Month Film Festival

I watch a lot of movies. I like to make lists; sometimes I make so many lists, my friends get annoyed. It seems these two are perfect together. In honor of Pride Month, dear unicorns, here is a list, in no particular order, of my favorite LGBT movies.

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