Gym Rats, How I Loathe Thee

I have been going to the gym a lot lately. It’s a good way to not only get the exercise my doctor is always yelling at me about, (I do have a great doctor, by the way, and her only point is that it’s good for women’s bones and stuff to do weight-bearing exercise) but also to destress. Specifically, to imagine myself flinging weights into the eyes of people who have ticked me off in the last 24 hours. Read More Gym Rats, How I Loathe Thee

Kick Rocks, Woman Shamers

Oh, good. This guy again. I think Matt Walsh imagines himself as some sort of caped, high-booted defender of women when he’s just another woman-shaming promoter of “traditional” feminine roles. Read More Kick Rocks, Woman Shamers

Women in Academia: Support for All the Single Ladies

Whoa-uh-oh. Sorry, I just had to finish that. When Beyonce comes calling, you pick up the phone and sing along. Especially when the song is so relevant to the topic at hand: support for women outside of the family framework. Many of the seminars, workshops, and groups that I have heard about reaching out to women and addressing the issues and challenges faced by women in academia seem to speak in large part to women with significant others and/or children. This post is intended to talk about women who do not fall into that first category. Read More Women in Academia: Support for All the Single Ladies

Snark to Spare: Still Occupying Facebook

At least once a week I have to stop myself from writing on a Facebook friend’s wall, “Dear Facebook friend, I wish you weren’t being ignorant, but since you are, I wish you wouldn’t share your ignorance with the whole of your Facebook community.” I stop myself from writing comments like this because I doubt they would be productive. And this type of non-confrontation confrontation causes me anxiety that I, selfishly, prefer to avoid. The inevitable comment backlash often lasts for days, and, in my experience, those sharing dipshitted views never see the dipshittedness of their ways. So, what’s the point? Read More Snark to Spare: Still Occupying Facebook

Things People Pretend to Love

Journey.  This is really a two part charade, because not only do people not like Journey as much as they claim to, nobody really loves the song “Don’t Stop Believin’.” The best Journey song is, objectively, “Faithfully.” My support for this claim? Voltage generated = -N(D(BA)/Dt);  that’s right, Farraday’s Law of Induction. Read More Things People Pretend to Love

To Teach the Privileged or the Under-Privileged, That Is the Question”¦

I feel that in many ways, my life is a struggle between my nobler instincts of selflessness and altruism and being a lazy, selfish, bitch. This dilemma manifests itself in many ways: do I give my peanut-butter sandwich that was to be my breakfast to the homeless man who has built a cardboard lean-to next to my subway station? Should I be more proactive in my desire to volunteer as an escort for Planned Parenthood, or should I procrastinate and enjoy not being shot? Should I donate my too-small or unfashionable clothes to Goodwill, or keep them in hopes that I lose weight or that sparkly velvet dresses come back in style? Read More To Teach the Privileged or the Under-Privileged, That Is the Question”¦

Can Someone Explain Homophobia to Me?

Honestly, I don’t get it. I really would like to know why. Why do people spend so much time, energy, anger, words, ink, hatred, server space, picket-sign paint, and God knows what else on hating gay people? Why do they care? Why don’t they worry about the things that are actually hurting individuals and our society, like murder, abuse, sexual assault, discrimination, war, corruption, hate crimes (wait”¦whoops), starvation, or illness? Read More Can Someone Explain Homophobia to Me?