Why I Love Rap Music

I’m just your average looking white girl who refuses to listen to anything besides rap. It’s one of those things that in part, I kind of can’t explain”¦ like, why do I like the color orange? Why do I like broccoli but not Brussels sprouts? It’s just a certain taste that I’ve come to acquire. On the other side of this reasoning, I’m really passionate about a lot of what hip hop music stands for, although the genre as a whole does tend to get dumped on a little excessively for being misogynistic and glorifying criminal lifestyles. But some of the things that hip-hop gets a bad rap for–no pun intended–are in fact some of the aspects I am absolutely in love with: the cockiness most rappers bring to their personas, the blunt, unforgiving nature of some songs, and just the fact that hip-hop uses a certain level of shock value to attract attention to the genre itself. Rap music is often rude, aggressive, and in-your-face and that’s the very reason I love it even when some songs are very problematic. Read More Why I Love Rap Music