This Week in Lady Reads

We’re reading some good stuff this week, including analysis of how some white people are more forgiving of admitted pedophiles than of unarmed black kids who are killed by police, books by writers of color to add to your summer reading list, and the missing men of Game of Thrones. What would you add to this list? Read More This Week in Lady Reads

What I’ve Read So Far This Year

At the beginning of this year, I challenged myself on Goodreads to read an average of one book a week. I did the same thing last year and hit my goal in December, eventually finishing with 59 or 60 books officially read. (I’d left off a few that were so bad I didn’t really want to cop to them, but did count a few short novellas that went along with some series I’d been reading, so it pretty much worked out right.) This year I finished my 52nd official book in the wee hours of June 29th. Oops.  Read More What I’ve Read So Far This Year