Fiction For Dog Lovers

I am an audiobook fanatic. Mostly I stick to sci-fi, fantasy, and other things that could never happen. There are a few books that I liked, but I’ve only truly learned to adore since I became a dog person. Sometimes all a book needs is a dog glad-handing to take it from entertaining to completely delightful. Read More Fiction For Dog Lovers

Reading Beyond the Canon

Over at xoJane this week, author K.T. Bradford posted about her efforts to read only works written by women or people of color or LGBTQ authors and challenged her readers to take up a similar goal for year. As this is the internet, it was not terribly surprising that the comment section of the post was filled with scathing rebuttals to Bradford’s suggestion ranging from the relatively mild, “eh, I don’t get the point” to the kneejerk claims of reverse racism.  Read More Reading Beyond the Canon

Poll: When Do You Give Up On A Book?

To paraphrase those who are in the business of writing about books: Life is too short to read anything you do not enjoy. Do you have certain criteria for setting aside books? Or are you a reader who stays until the bitter end? Let’s compare notes.

Read More Poll: When Do You Give Up On A Book?

Dispatches from Ladyblogland

In which fashion is tone deaf not once, but twice. Read More Dispatches from Ladyblogland