American Dreaming

I have always imagined us living in our own house. Not necessarily with a white picket fence, but a yard of some sort, a basement, maybe a porch.

Buying real estate is out of the question for now, for a bunch of reasons. We don’t know how long we are going to be living in this town, we don’t know the area well enough to choose somewhere that we want to live ForEver, and oh yeah, money. Since we are far less rich than we are poor, we have crammed ourselves into a one-bedroom with a big closet (hellllo, baby’s room!). And the dreaming has begun. Read More American Dreaming

Guilty Pleasures: Real Estate Voyeurism

I was going to call this post “Real Estate Porn” but figured it would be better not to have the word “porn” in the url (Persephone Magazine: staying just this side of SFW since 2010!). I hope I’m not alone, though, in pursuing this particular guilty pleasure. All it entails is spending large blocks of time on the computer, looking at beautiful homes I could never afford. Homes with so many rooms they had to make up new names for rooms (what the eff is a “great room” anyway?). Read More Guilty Pleasures: Real Estate Voyeurism