Fontrum: My Reality TV Affliction

The Oxford English Dictionary defines “fontrum” as, well”¦ nothing. Because it’s not a real word. But Urban Dictionary understands my affliction:

Feeling embarrassment for someone that doesn’t have enough common sense to feel the embarrassment that they should be feeling for themselves for their actions. [sic]

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Extreme Couponing: Extremely Crazy?

I’m pretty good at tuning out things that I consider “trendy.” I don’t know what it is about my personality, but I’ve always been the opposite of a bandwagon jumper. As my friend Crystal says, I’m forgainst most things. Read More Extreme Couponing: Extremely Crazy?

Stereotypes on HGTV

Now that I’m in my 20s, my parents have abandoned the “no TV during dinner” rule. My mom and I love HGTV ““ the kind of voyeurism that’s perfect for us ““ and usually watch House Hunters or Property Virgins. The show sometimes shows single men and women, but mostly heterosexual couples are the hunters. Lately, the male and female stereotypes have become so obvious I’m wondering whether they are manipulated by producers. Read More Stereotypes on HGTV