Is It Romance That We Seek?

Q. I’m happily engaged to a wonderful man. But lately I just haven’t been feeling the romance, which I enjoy and miss. I think I’m pretty realistic in my expectations, and I know that all relationships go through lulls, so I’m not worried about us as a couple. I just feel the need for a bit more right now. Rather than ask him to amp it up, which puts a lot of pressure out of nowhere onto him, I want to look for romantic things I can do (which I am hoping will inspire him to put some effort of his own into it!). But, to be honest, I’m having trouble coming up with new romantic gestures that aren’t just gender-normative clichés (“Cook your man a steak, and then eat it with him in your sexiest lingerie!” Been there, done that, paid the dry-cleaning bill). Read More Is It Romance That We Seek?