Book Review: The Middle of Somewhere, by Sonja Yoerg

In Sonja Yoerg’s novel The Middle of Somewhere, Liz Kroft is about to turn thirty, but for someone so young, she has a lot of emotional baggage she needs to work through. The opportunity presents itself when she decides to take a solitary hike on the John Muir Trail in the Yosemite Valley. When her boyfriend Dante joins her, though, her plans change, and the secrets she carries become an unpleasant weight for her. Throughout their journey, they encounter a host of different characters: an actor who is unwillingly making the hike for a movie role; a devoted older couple who found love the second time around; and a pair of sinister brothers, both professional outdoorsmen, who have their own secrets to hide as well. Read More Book Review: The Middle of Somewhere, by Sonja Yoerg

“It’s Me Or the Dog”

If you’re reading this, perhaps you are in this situation. Your significant other wants to move on to the next phase in your relationship, but before that happens, your dog or cat needs to go. You’ve been presented with an ultimatum: you can have love or you can keep your dog, and you don’t know what to do. Read More “It’s Me Or the Dog”

A Playlist of Relationships and Breakups

While creating an Ultimate ’90s Playlist, I got to thinking about my past crushes and relationships. Probably because of the influence of TV and movies, I tend to associate specific songs with each person. Like how on Friends, “With or Without You” was used for Ross and Rachel.

My playlist is roughly in chronological order. Roughly. Share yours in the comments!

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Domestic Violence, Facilitated Dialogues, and Finding Inner Peace

On Monday and Tuesday of this week, I attended a training for the Domestic Violence Safe Dialogue program here in Oregon. The program takes on a restorative justice model, by creating a space where surrogate victims and offenders of domestic violence can speak to each other about their experiences. The facilitated dialogue allows for victims to ask offenders why they committed the acts of violence to their former partners, and also what kind of steps they’re doing to change. I decided to take the training to not only hopefully volunteer as a facilitator for these conversations, but also to challenge myself to look at a traumatic past that I’ve been harboring for the past 10 years.

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Chasing Autonomy

To begin, I am the girl who always has a boyfriend.

I know you’re making assumptions right now and I’m here to tell you that yes, they are all true. I am needy, possessive, selfish, and in constant need of my significant other’s attention. I am your textbook case study of a girl who always needs to be with someone. Sure, I can claim that it might have something to do with my abandonment issues from my father constantly leaving and coming back into my life, or the separation anxiety disorder I harbor (among other anxiety disorders I have). But I’m 27 years old now, and with a year of therapy under my belt, I should be able to navigate my relationships onto a healthy path. Except, I underestimated how difficult that journey would be.

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My Vulgar Peculiarities: How I Came to Love My Vibrator

The first time I saw Madonna’s “Justify My Love” music video, I was only about 6 or 7 years old. It was playing on a late night music video show on MTV, and because I always had minimal supervision, I saw the whole music video without interruption, or fear of my parents finding out. I watched in awe and discomfort, instantly intrigued by the vivid images and movements between Madonna and the dancers, caressing and groping each other in each scene. I was too young to understand the complexity of these images, but looking back on this memory, I know that particular moment was the first time I became sexually excited.

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