TDG and Open Thread, Presidential Style – 2/21

It’s Monday again!  AND it’s Presidents’ Day.  Do you have the day off? Whether you do or don’t, enjoy this little Animaniacs reminder of all the presidents in order.  I should have watched more Animaniacs as a kid, maybe I would do better on the “President” categories in Jeopardy. Read More TDG and Open Thread, Presidential Style – 2/21

Live Blog of the Grammy Red Carpet and Awards!

This is a reminder for you all to tune into the live blogging of the Grammy Awards and the Red Carpet. I will be live blogging and relaxing, so tune in!

You will all have to bear with me on this momentous occasion as it is my first live blog! Yay! Get ready to get the party started at 6 ET/5 CT. I will be starting with E!’s coverage of the Red Carpet then moving onto the Grammy’s themselves.

See you there!

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Just a Reminder

cat tattoo
I want 'em all - the old, the new and the weird

As of right now we have five entries for the tattoo Who’s Who tomorrow.  In case you missed the original post, I want your tattoo photos for tomorrow’s trivia when we will be playing a game of mix-n-match.  So, if you are a reader, writer or commenter, send a picture of your favorite tattoo and your screen name to to be a part of the fun.