Hell is for Retail Employees: Open on Thanksgiving Edition

So, you think that retailers being open on Thanksgiving is a good idea. Oh, and that retail workers should be grateful for the chance to earn extra money, because hey, aren’t they making time and a half, and shouldn’t they actually be thanking their employers and the customers for giving them such a great opportunity?

First off, high five on perpetuating the notion that retail workers are a lower class of humans who couldn’t possibly appreciate having time to spend holidays with their families. We all really appreciate that whole perspective not having died out yet. Continue reading

Black Friday from Behind the Registers

It’s that time of year, folks! The trees are in the windows, the sale flyers are in the mail. Holiday Season is upon us. What people that have never worked retail at holiday don’t realize is that we’ve been prepping at the store level for this weekend since Columbus Day (and I’m sure that our corporate types have been prepping since last holiday season). So, to make your Black Friday shopping experience more enjoyable for all parties involved, here are some handy tips. Continue reading

Retail Ladyguide: How to Complain Without Being a Jerk

There are about a zillion articles out there that try to tell you, the consumer, how to effectively complain when you’re dissatisfied with something in a retail or service context. I’m someone who has been the drone on the other side of the counter for many, many years, and I’ve read many of those articles to see what sort of information is being suggested to the general public. Continue reading