P-Mag Nostalgia Project: 1971 with Tamalyn

It’s 1971 and Everything’s Groovy! We wear our hair natural ““ whether long and stringy or in afros. However God made it is how we “style” it. Our pants are beginning to slide lower on our hips, the “bells” at the ankles getting larger and larger. Our parents detest our hotpants and our mini skirts. We’ve discovered a great freedom with our skirts, a freedom that no generation before has ever had. Skirts can now be worn in any length: from mini to midi or maxi ““ depending upon whether we want them well above our knees, well below, or swishing somewhere near the floor. We still wear love beads, a carryover from the “Summer of Love,” that we 13-year-olds remember little about, but we’re pretty sure it was romantic and wonderful. The smell of Mary Jane is in the air in parks and at concerts. We take in deep breaths and giggle. We call our flip-flops “thongs” and our tights “leotards,” not to be confused with the leotards which are worn by dancers. We wear fringe and jeans and platform shoes and all things casual. When it comes to fashion, it is the best of times and the worst of times, but oh, how we love it.

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“Not All Those Who Wander Are Lost.”

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