31 Days of Halloween — Day 6, “Lake Mungo”

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The Palmers are a family struggling to cope with a devastating loss – the death of their 16-year-old daughter Alice in a drowning accident. The little family – mom, dad, and older brother – can’t quite put the pieces back together in the months after her body was found. Mother June refuses to accept that her daughter is really dead, rolling over the … Read More

[E] Slay Belle31 Days of Halloween — Day 6, “Lake Mungo”

Oculus: Or Why I Was Right to be Scared of Mirrors

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Official Synopsis: A brother and sister reunite 11 years after a tragedy in order to destroy the evil mirror responsible for the death of their parents. Snap Synopsis: HAUNTED MIRROR. NOPE. “OH SHIT!” Moments: Lost track. Just never buy antiques or peer into a mirror ever again.

GeekqualityOculus: Or Why I Was Right to be Scared of Mirrors

Ready Player One by Ernest C. Cline

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This is not my kind of book. In fact, I only read it because someone else insisted I preview it before they give it a try. I have little interest in cyberlaw (just check out my grade in that class) and know very little about videogame culture, and even less about classic arcade culture. (Except for pinball. Love pinball.)

amandamariegReady Player One by Ernest C. Cline

We Try It: BzzAgent

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Do you like to get free stuff? Excellent! You should totally sign up for BzzAgent, a site that matches you with companies that will send you free products or give you access to free services in exchange for reviews.

[E] HillaryWe Try It: BzzAgent

Book Review: While You’re Away, Part 1

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There’s been a lot of buzz in the past year or so about the “new adult” genre. Seems like it’s still finding its legs. From what I can gather, the characters are a little older than those in young adult. There’s often some sort of college setting. Definitely more sex.

The Unprofessional CriticBook Review: While You’re Away, Part 1

Hot Reads: “Sinner’s Heart” by Zoe Archer

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There are many downsides to being a critic. Like when you write a theater review that has people accusing you of being a soulless hipster AND a Starbucks-swilling millenial. Thanks, Internet! But you know what I like about my part-time gig?

The Unprofessional CriticHot Reads: “Sinner’s Heart” by Zoe Archer