Book Reflections: “Queen of America” and “Revolution”

Last night I finished a book that my 15-year-old sister recommended to me. She may have recommended it to me a few years back – I have a massive to-read list (let’s talk books!), but I always get to things eventually. Between this book and the last that I read, I’ve been pretty immersed in other people’s worlds. That escape mechanism is an old one of mine: stressful life? Not really particularly sure what’s going on? Be somebody else. Read More Book Reflections: “Queen of America” and “Revolution”

Do I Want To Be a Part Of This REVOLUTION?


I deal with TV shows the same way I deal with friends: I don’t have many, and the ones I have get my undying loyalty. I thought Revolution might be a new addition to my life because J.J. Abrams produced it. While I couldn’t get into Lost–I don’t like a large cast on TV any more than I do in my own life, apparently–I adored Alias, and spent the past summer binging on Fringe. Read More Do I Want To Be a Part Of This REVOLUTION?

I Propose a Revolution of Religion!

I’m a person who checks, “Spiritual but not religious,” on the forms where there’s a red asterisk next to, “Religion.” I try to avoid getting too deep into my belief structure with other people. Mostly because there is no structure and it’s kind of something I made up as I went along. I believe in treating people fairly, respecting other human beings, and that to some degree, love and kindness are the solutions to most problems human beings encounter. That’s why I’ve got a slight issue with the concept organized religion.

Read More I Propose a Revolution of Religion!

Killing the Revolution: One Woman at a Time

[TW for the discussion of Sexual Assault] “These girls who were detained were not like your daughter or mine,” an unidentified general was quoted as saying while discussing the sexual assault of seven women at a  military prison in Northeast Cairo.

Read More Killing the Revolution: One Woman at a Time

We Can’t all be Gandhi: In Support of Violent Resistance

Want to wear out a metaphor with me? The Arab Spring. It’s turned into Fall, or was it Winter? Or is it now raining blood? Were the leaves falling from the trees of the dictatorships or were the good men and women of the Arab world readying for holiday? Maybe it was the one with armed resistance sharpening it’s #2 pencils for winter exams. Read More We Can’t all be Gandhi: In Support of Violent Resistance

Hope and the #OccupyWallStreet Movement

A friend of mine recently called me, in a place of desperation, not sure where to turn. She recently lost her job – one she’d held for nearly a decade – a management position at a local food manufacturer. She and her husband have had an extremely bad run of luck this past year. He got laid off at the beginning of the year and struggled to find work up until recently, and she’s been plagued with a host of health problems, having been diagnosed with tumors in her back, ongoing problems with her digestive system, as well as work-related physical ailments. Read More Hope and the #OccupyWallStreet Movement

Egypt: Five Months After Mubarak

It has been five months now since the historic evening where Mubarak stepped down. The revolution sent seismic waves through the Arab world and touched off unrest in Bahrain, Syria, Jordan, Yemen, Oman and even Saudi Arabia. Yet for the many young Egyptians who fought through tear gas, government thugs, bullets and mass arrests, change is coming too slowly to their country. Read More Egypt: Five Months After Mubarak

Saudi Women Take The Keys

“My wife is ready to go to prison without fear,” tweeted Mr. Al Qahtani. Meanwhile his wife, Maha, tweeted her adventure of driving down King Fahd Road. “I decided the car was mine,” she wrote. Like many other Saudi women, Maha spent Friday the 17th protesting the decades-long ban on women driving within the kingdom. But the women protesting want to make one thing clear: the 17th is not just a day of demonstration, it is the day they kick off civil disobedience, and they’re refusing to let up until the archaic law is lifted. Read More Saudi Women Take The Keys