Colonial Christmas With the Cranes

Sleepy Hollow is not only my new favorite show of the season but my new favorite show in a long time. The cast is fantastic, the writing is engaging if breathless, the effects are creepy,  and the stories are fun, weird, and off the wall. The writers play fast and loose with American history while getting the little details right for our man out of time, Ichabod Crane. I’ve had to step up my history game, too. I know about medieval and Victorian holiday celebrations, but what was Christmas like in Revolutionary War-era America?

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Being Human Recap – Episode 1.02

“There Goes the Neighborhood, Part 2”

Like last week, we open with another voiceover. As we see Sally , lifeless on the landing, blood pooling or walking around her house as her wake takes place, she talks to us about the “bigger questions.” For Sally, it’s “What am I know?” Read More Being Human Recap – Episode 1.02