Meet the Nominees: The Potential Candidates for the Next SCOTUS Justice

There was much sound and fury and hyperbole and misinformation this past election year. Between old white guys telling us what to do with our vaginas and redefining rape for us to hysterically misinterpreting the Affordable Care Act, this election season was exhausting. There was just so much this year and, strangely enough, an issue that usually is at the forefront of the chatter during an election cycle was pushed back this time: potential Supreme Court nominees. Continue reading

News Appetizers: Because Journalism Tastes Better With Sass

Kittens, it’s Wednesday. That means we have survived another few days, which is a damn miracle if you gauge it by the news. So suck down those mixed drinks and put on a brave face: we are diving into the mid-week news, where sexism is officially dead, we’re post-racial, and like that nice little fish in the movie says, “Just keep swimming, just keep swimming.” Continue reading

We Try It: Protesting in Support Of Women’s Rights

On Monday, January 23rd, between 15,000 and 20,000 people descended upon my fair city of Washington, DC. They weren’t here to see the museums and monuments, though I wouldn’t be surprised if a fair few of them turned this trip into a mini-vacation.

They were here to protest the 39th anniversary of Roe v. Wade. I knew that this was happening–it does every year, after all–and I’ve worked in downtown DC for five years now.

But this year, something inside me snapped. Continue reading

Cheap Weekend Fun: Donating!

Persephone crew, let’s be honest. Most of us check out the Cheap Weekend Fun section as a way to fill our hearts and minds for the very best under five bucks. While times are tight and there’s no better feeling than when you can feel like a millionaire by stretching your dollar as far as it can go, I’m thinking this weekend we can do a cheap weekend fun favor for a few folks who need some serious funds. With some serious crises out and about, one of the best ways we can spend our hard-earned cash this weekend is to help out others. Here is a list of a few places that would love your good nature. Continue reading

I Stand With Planned Parenthood

So  you probably already heard that late Friday afternoon, the House of Representatives voted to cut all funding from Planned Parenthood. On a practical level, this isn’t so very terrifying because we can feel relatively safe in the fact the Senate will most likely shoot this bill down and, even if they don’t, Obama will most likely veto it before damage can really be done. Continue reading

And Then There’s Maude!

I was in second grade when this show began airing.  I didn’t understand it, but watched it because it was part of the Tuesday night line up.  Although my mother was an immigrant woman with conservative old world values I recall her tuning into a few serious episodes–namely the psychiatrist visit and the abortion stories–and was unceremoniously shooed away from the TV room. Continue reading