This Week in Misogyny

I love debunking hoaxes and bullshit “studies.” I hate all the other terrible things I have to tell you about. You win some, you lose some. (As usual, trigger warnings for pretty much everything apply.) Read More This Week in Misogyny

Cheap and Easy Halloween Costumes

I love the idea of dressing up for Halloween. I get these grand elaborate plans going in my head and then, due to various delays and inexcusable procrastination, I end up doing something totally mundane. Read More Cheap and Easy Halloween Costumes

This Week in Misogyny: It Just Keeps Coming

There’s never an end in sight when it comes to finding misogyny in the news. People are literally getting away with murder, telling high school girls that they ought to focus more on being moms than getting jobs, making it harder for women to get healthcare, and just generally being terrible human beings. (As usual, trigger warnings apply for just about everything). Read More This Week in Misogyny: It Just Keeps Coming

Lunchtime Poll: Be a BAMF

I’m a lady who knows what she wants; I gots me ambition and dreams and opinions by the boat load. Unfortunately, I’m also saddled with the burden of being nice all the damn time. Can’t handle awkwardness! Can’t handle disappointing others! Must be the nicest person in the room! Can never acknowledge my own strengths or rightness, even when the situation demands it! Cannot take too much charge of my life lest anyone think I do not require male guidance! So, I’m issuing an official Lunchtime Poll declaration for all of you out there who, like me, need a little fire under your ass: this is the week of the Persephone Magazine BAMFs – Badass Mother Fuckers. Read More Lunchtime Poll: Be a BAMF

Takedown: Rosie the Republican

You’ve heard, right? There is a war on women being fought, and it is being fought by”¦ the Democrats. At least, that’s what Fox News is saying, and this week’s Takedown crapdate capitalizes on this nonsense. Read More Takedown: Rosie the Republican