Best Songs About Depression

I was listening to my ipod on shuffle today and Dar Williams’ “After All” came on and I got to thinking about how many songs I know that really reflect what it’s like when I experience depression.  Maybe it’s a little teenage-angst maudlin to be all, “OMG these songs really speak to meeee and my ennui!!” But sometimes you really need to hear a song that makes you say, “YES. That is exactly it!” Then you can write about it in your journal. (Ed. Note- TW for talk of depression and suicidal ideation). Read More Best Songs About Depression

Loving and Grieving

One of the curses of love is that if you love someone enough, their pain becomes your pain. Friends, family members, significant others: the more people you love, the more chances you have to get your heart broken.  I’m speaking specifically of grief. In 2010, I had occasion to watch more than one person I love (as it happens, close friends) deal with a devastating loss. These weren’t my losses; I was a spectator, a participant in the grieving process rather than a grieving person myself. Read More Loving and Grieving