Two Things I’ve Realized About My Student Loans

You may or may not know that in the United States, you must pay for tuition and housing up front in order to attend a university. This means that you either are very rich, have a great story for a nice scholarship, or you take out loans. (Or maybe two of the three. I don’t judge.) I was lucky enough to have the scholarship for my undergraduate degree, but my graduate degree was financed entirely through scholarships and loans. I even got one of the largest tuition scholarships offered at my institution that year (I’m a smartypants), but in order to afford the remaining tuition and life in Chicago, I had to take out about $90,000 in student loans at between 3.0% and 7.9%. There is no way out of this debt other than death. Or total incapacitation, but sometimes even that’s not enough. And let’s be clear: I did not take ANY private loans, which are even more difficult to pay back. All of my loans were disbursed by the federal government. Read More Two Things I’ve Realized About My Student Loans

Lunchtime Poll: Favorite Philip Seymour Hoffman Role

I was browsing Facebook before the Super Bowl on Sunday when I saw Huffpo’s breaking news post about Philip Seymour Hoffman. Like most people, I entered a state of shock upon seeing this news. I remember when he opened up about his addiction a few years ago. He was such an amazing actor, dedicated to his craft like not many others. Everyone has their favorite movie of his.  Read More Lunchtime Poll: Favorite Philip Seymour Hoffman Role

Year of Being Fearless

When I was 12 years old, I woke up one morning and told my mom I didn’t want to go to school because I was sad. She eyed me suspiciously and felt my head with her cold hands. “It doesn’t feel like you’re running a fever,” she said. With tears in my eyes, I replied, “No mom, I’m just sad.” Her face remained impassive. “Sad? Honey, that’s not a sickness. Now go get dressed; you’re not missing school today.”
Read More Year of Being Fearless

The Banality of Talking (And Why It Saved Me)

“I believe that words are strong, that they can overwhelm what we fear when fear seems more awful than life is good.” “• Andrew Solomon, The Noonday Demon: An Atlas of Depression Read More The Banality of Talking (And Why It Saved Me)