Dispatches From the Ladyblogosphere

There’s a whole world of ladyblogs out there, and we’ve found the best of the best (and the best of the worst) from this past week for your reading pleasure. What have you found around the interwebs lately?

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Live Through This: Growing Up A Cutter

Trigger warning: Self-Harm, Violence and graphic descriptions of both.

Before I even begin this story, I do want to say that I wish I could tell you more. While some things stick out to me, there is so much more that resides in sort of thick fog. Read More Live Through This: Growing Up A Cutter

News Appetizers: Tit For Tat

Well, bless my heart, pretty kittens, you are back for another mid-week round up of news appetizers, part of your current events breakfast. Read More News Appetizers: Tit For Tat

Margaret Cho, Anger, and Being A Take-No-Shit Bitch

If you happen to follow Margaret Cho on twitter, you may have noticed some ruckus in the previous week. Cho, who had just gotten a new tattoo, sent it into the twitterverse for fans to check it out, to be met with much enthusiasm, but also with some misogynstic vitriol. Words flew and as Cho put in her piece “Being Mad On Twitter:” “I blew a fucking gasket. I screamed out loud and tracked the perps down and blocked them, but not before really ramming it to them in the strongest language I could use. It was over the top and really kind of ridiculous, but I cannot help myself.” Some expressed concern that her “language” was too strong and effectively pulled out the playing card, “You have just lost a fan,” further cementing a long tradition of who actually gets to be angry and mad, as well as how that is displayed.

When the GOP Tries to Invade Your Uterus

Under the circumstances, this headline is only exaggerated in the sense that John Boehner & Co. have no known plans to shrink themselves and march up the skirts of American women everywhere. Less literal interpretations apply perfectly, however, to a new law the Republican party, specifically the blood-lustey Republican Representatives who hold a majority in the House, is trying to foist onto, by all accounts, an outraged female constituency. Read More When the GOP Tries to Invade Your Uterus

On #MooreandMe, Pt. I: How the Rhetorical “Rape Card” Silences Women

On December 15, Sady Doyle of Tiger Beatdown launched #Mooreandme, the Twitter hashtag protest designed to call out progressive icon Michael Moore, and while Moore has since clarified his views and voiced an apology to Doyle, the #MooreandMe tag lives on.

Jockeying over the legitimacy of the accusations against Assange has metastasized into wider debate about the nature of rape allegations everywhere, whether accusers/accused should be shielded behind anonymity, and whether women have an ace in the hole in the form of the so-called “rape card.” Read More On #MooreandMe, Pt. I: How the Rhetorical “Rape Card” Silences Women