Safe Campuses

In the past week, four campuses have experienced bomb threats. The most recent case came at Louisiana State University in Baton Rouge. So far, it looks like all of the threats have been false alarms, but it’s hard not to feel a little shaken up. Schools are supposed to be safe spaces. Read More Safe Campuses

How Did the Chicken Cross the Road?

The Florida panther is an endangered species, due in large part to habitat loss and fragmentation. Many different projects have been spearheaded by wildlife lovers in Florida to help save this species from extinction, but one of the most effective has been the creation of wildlife crossings. Read More How Did the Chicken Cross the Road?

Collecting Data While Playing Sports

Science is nerdy and football is sporty and never the twain shall meet. Well, at least that was the line that pop culture tried to feed me over and over and over again. But by teaming up with the Stanford University football program on a project that studies concussions, scientists have turned that nerds vs. jocks story on its head. Read More Collecting Data While Playing Sports

Ladyguide: How To Live Alone

With apologies to my boyfriend, there really is nothing quite like living alone. Sure, if you live with a roommate you have someone to split the bills with, and maybe (if you’re lucky) to help with the cleaning, or to kill a spider (or to look on in terror as you dispose of a baby mouse. I’m looking at you, Frank, the worst and grossest roommate ever). But living alone is just so blissful. It comes with its own set of challenges though, and since I loved living alone, I am bringing you my tips and tricks. Read More Ladyguide: How To Live Alone

Talking to Kids about the Internet

I work with an organized group for young girls which is known for selling cookies.  We’re having a meeting tonight (at my house, if posting stops short of six it’s because I found more stuff I need to clean) and we’re going to be working on a badge for using the internet safely and responsibly.  Read More Talking to Kids about the Internet