LTP: 4/4

It’s our six month birthday! Six months ago today, Luci, Sally J. and I put out the very first issue of Persephone Magazine.  1700 posts, a whole mess of comments and 70 or so writers later, here we are.  Back in the old days, we used to cheer every time we went up ten views from day to day, now we cheer when the server keeps up with our daily visitor count. Read More LTP: 4/4

Good Morning Friends and Readers!

Good morning! It’s a chilly November morning and this is our 301st post.  Look at us tearing up the internets with our ladyblogging.   We’ve got a great day ahead of us, with weekly columns from the Frisky Feminist and Jordan, our lady gamer. Sally J is recapping Parenthood, Megan is writing about appetizers and recommending some popular French lit. Read More Good Morning Friends and Readers!

Twitter Ready Grammar: Where’s that at? (!@$%!)

Few things grate me as much as the phrase, “Where’s that at?” It’s bad when you’re speaking, but it strikes me as fifteen times worse when reading those words, as you may do while on the Twitter.

@totallycooltweeter may tweet: “OMG! If you’re near Big Park, come check out the hot air balloon show!” and in reply, @badgrammar may tweet: “Where’s that at?” Read More Twitter Ready Grammar: Where’s that at? (!@$%!)

We Hate to Brag…

but this is our 100th post.  Everybody in the congo line!  We’ll return to our regularly scheduled programing in ten minutes, once we get the lampshade off of Sally J’s head and shove the margarita machine back under Luci’s desk.