Soup of the Day: Northwest Chowder

Seattle is known for a lot of things, including grunge, the Space Needle, Death Cab for Cutie. We should be known for our chowder. Pike’s Place Chowder has won international chowder competitions, beating out those east coast chowderheads. We have plenty of amazing fish and shellfish in the Northwest. It inspired me to make a cheapish and quick Northwest Chowder.  Read More Soup of the Day: Northwest Chowder

Have Salmon, Make Chowder

So hopefully you had a chance to make the delicious grilled salmon that I told you about on Wednesday. I promised a recipe that would allow you to use that left over fish. I am not a big one for reheating fish…it’s yucky in my mind. But I will use left over salmon for my salmon chowder. If you aren’t going to make this right away, freeze your salmon. It works just fine. I really am about easy cooking with a touch of gourmet, if that makes sense. Read More Have Salmon, Make Chowder

Science News: 7/31/12

This week’s science news update is taking a walk on the weird side. Vampire stars, sneezing monkeys, and stargazing whales? Cool! We also have several hotly disputed studies that were released this week, which, if true, could change what we know about dark matter and early humans and if not, highlight the problems of rushing to press with controversial results. Read More Science News: 7/31/12

The Seriousness of Salmon

Even though I work in politics, I find myself shying away from great spectacles like the State of the Union address. Ever since I got into this business, I find myself focusing on the strangest things. (Who let him on stage in that tie? Who decided that that schmuck should be in the camera shot? That flag/banner/whatever is not straight.) Read More The Seriousness of Salmon