None of Your Business (My Weight)

I’ve recently started training with a personal trainer, and in a few short sessions I’ve started to see really impressive results. I’m really happy with the work I’ve been doing and the muscles I’m gaining. I am really unhappy with the comments I’ve been getting from people I hardly know (my super, my neighbor who I rarely see, acquaintances I haven’t seen in 2 years, etc.) asking if I’ve lost weight. I know that most of our readers are tired of weight gain or loss being a topic of conversation that people feel is appropriate (pro tip: it’s not). So instead of writing a long post about how annoyed I am, I have decided to write an anthem that I think I will record and pass out to everyone who wants to talk about weight. Continue reading

Weekend Open Thread: Join Us in the Persephone Lounge

It’s Friday, people! Which means another week under our belts, and another weekend to look forward to. We unleashed some exciting changes for our commenters, including previewing and formatting your comments, and the ability to add pictures. I encourage you to play with these new features as you start unwinding for the weekend. To kick the weekend off, here’s one of the Billboard Top 100 songs of my junior year in high school (coming in at a respectable #29):

Ladies First

I originally pitched writing a sort of “History of Women in Hip Hop” post but couldn’t find my way as I wasn’t sure which route to follow. Then it dawned on me, I should write about the women in hip hop that I love most and why. I have been a rabid hip hop fan since the mid ’80s, when I was in middle school and couldn’t stop boogeying on the dance floor. Continue reading