2 Books for The Anti-Sanctimommy

No one has to be told that parenting is rough sometimes, but what’s hard to remember is that every kid is different. Making it even more difficult are the parents who think they know so much better than everyone else, and make it their job to let the world know. Though some of us have an easier time than others avoiding (or becoming) this sort of person, it’s good to see a new breed of parenting book making its way in this often complicated existence. Let’s take a look at two recently published reads for the Anti-Sanctimommy.

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Don’t Blame Your Kids; You’re Just a Crappy Friend

If you’ve been anywhere on social media in the last week or so, chances are you’ve seen this article making the rounds: “Once We Become Parents, We Don’t Want to Hang Out With You Anymore (But Not for the Reasons You Think).” It’s just the latest in a neverending series of sanctimonious screeds from a particular breed of self-important parents who feel the need to condescendingly explain to people without kids why the life of a parent is so hard and why those without kids could never possibly understand. Here’s the thing, jackasses. We understand. We get it. It’s not actually a complicated concept. Read More Don’t Blame Your Kids; You’re Just a Crappy Friend