Someone Tried to Scam My Nana and I Am Pissed

I am typically a pretty peaceful person, but the unadulterated rage that I have been feeling for the past 36 hours could really use an outlet, and that outlet would preferably be the face of the woman who tried to scam my nana out of $3,800 yesterday.

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Cold Holiday Cocktails to Further Chill The Cockles of Your Heart

In the spirit of holiday excess and fortification against the trying nature of family gatherings (if your family is delightful, feel free to skip along; you don’t need any of what we’re serving), here’s a selection of videos demonstrating how to make several cold, winter holiday-themed cocktails (Hattie already covered the warm ones). Eggnog is represented, as are other traditional tastes like cranberry and peppermint and gingerbread! Read More Cold Holiday Cocktails to Further Chill The Cockles of Your Heart

The Furious Kitchen: The Kwanzaa Cake

I have been on death’s door for the past week (Luci translation: I had a mild cold and have been a little run down) so there has been no cooking Furiously in my house.  The most exciting thing I’ve made is an english muffin with honey on it.  But in the spirit of the holiday season, I am posting my cooking inspiration: Sandra Lee.  Every time I leave something on the stove too long.  Every time I say, “I wonder if this ingredient substitution will work” and it completely does not, all I have to say is “hey, at least I didn’t come up with the kwanzaa cake.”  That thing is a train wreck and I never get tired of watching this video.  Corn nuts?? On a cake?? And, as Mr. Furious would say, Why the chocolate frosting?? Is it supposed to be because kwanzaa is for brown people? WTF?.  And the canned apple pie filling.  I love the whole thing.  So, re-watch if you’ve already seen it (you probably have) and enjoy if you haven’t!

Thanksgiving By The Numbers

3 Million – Number of attendees at the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade, which is why you will never see me there

46 Million – Turkeys that will be munched on at Thanksgiving this year Read More Thanksgiving By The Numbers

Cooking 101: Baby Steps

Probably the most common thing I hear from people who don’t want to (or don’t think they can) cook on a regular basis is that they don’t know where to start. I’d say the number two comment is that they don’t see why they should cook, when there is so much prepared food available. Before I give a little advice on how to take some first steps into home cooking, I wanted to share why I think cooking is important, and why it feels so good to do it. Read More Cooking 101: Baby Steps