Retro Recap: “The Thick of It,” Episode 2.01

Here we are at season two of The Thick of It! Well, this is what’s technically referred to as season two. Some folks consider this episode to be a continuation of season one, calling it episode four. But Hulu categorizes it as episode one of season two, so that’s what we’ll go with. Indeed, there are many elements of the episode that warrant it being called a new season. There are new characters involved and a far more complex plot than the previous three episodes. So let’s sit back and examine why a low-level minister’s encounter with a disgruntled member of the public becomes more important on the nightly news broadcast than a department’s project overspend.

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Morbid Curiosity: Being a Good Hostess

“A relaxed, confident hostess is the key to a successful party. If you show signs of uneasiness or act unsure of yourself, the guests will sense your discomfort and may not have a good time. The best way to avoid entertaining catastrophes is to plan well.” Read More Morbid Curiosity: Being a Good Hostess

No Constituent Left Behind

My fellow Americans, and friends from other countries who have to deal with us, we are facing a national crisis.  Our politicians are failing us while sucking the taxpayers dry, and it’s time we did something about it.  I’m proposing new legislation on behalf of all Americans: No Constituent Left Behind. Read More No Constituent Left Behind

Helpful Suggestions for Bernie Sanders’ Next Filibuster

While Sanders’ 9-hour effort to explain things like the wage gap and estate tax to a bunch of stodgy, hostile Senators was heroic, we can all agree that his speech was dryer than bread left out overnight to make stuffing. And I know if I were subjected to 9 hours of rambling about the deficit, I would deliberately do the opposite of whatever the rambler was telling me to do, like lower taxes to 0% for everyone in the country or just declare my state is seceding from the Union and go out for a burrito. That’s because boring speeches short-circuit my brain faster than dumping orange drink on a laptop. Read More Helpful Suggestions for Bernie Sanders’ Next Filibuster

Your Guide to Lowest Common Denominator Blogging

Looking for ways to rake in the pageviews, stir up shitstorms, and generally attract a buttload of viewers to your blog? It’s actually quite simple. Abandon all integrity, ye who enter here: I’m about to lead you down a primrose path of debauched, salacious, Faustian buggery, complete with examples of the stories that will simultaneously sell your soul and buy you a mansion way up in the West Hills. Read More Your Guide to Lowest Common Denominator Blogging

We Need A Little Vintage

One of my secret passions is vintage kitchen crap.  It’s rare when I can actually get my hands on great old pieces, but I have a few.  I went on an image search through Flickr’s Creative Commons wonderland, and I found so many pretties.  Read More We Need A Little Vintage