Going Through the Recipe Box

I spend a disproportionate amount of my procrastination time on food blogs. I look at the pretty pictures, gaze in wonder at the endless uses for spinach, and bookmark anything that looks promising.  Today, I am going to share some of those finds with you. Read More Going Through the Recipe Box

Peanut Sauce: I’m Saucy!

I have been traveling basically all week, what with various obligations and field work, so I haven’t been hanging out in the kitchen too much. As a consequence, I don’t think I’ve cooked at all this week, except for some pasta on Monday. That’s OK, these things happen, but unlike the Pioneer Woman, I am not famous and therefore cannot just post pictures of my family members in soft focus, so I have to get you some content anyway. Read More Peanut Sauce: I’m Saucy!

Morbid Curiosity Monday: Ham-Pancake Shortcakes

Another Monday, another questionable recipe! Everyone loves brunch, don’t they? It’s breakfast for people who are too lazy/hungover to wake up until it’s almost lunch, and it usually comes with a slice of melon. What’s not to love? Read More Morbid Curiosity Monday: Ham-Pancake Shortcakes