Drug Life

As a curator of pop culture, I have run across plenty of “very special” episodes. The ones where they try to bang you over the head with the lesson of the day. Most fail at this because they definitely bang you into oblivion or they are really hilariously badRead More Drug Life

TV’s Greatest Graduations

I work at a university in the communications department, which means this week I will be spending several hours covering different graduation ceremonies. This is the first year the school is holding commencement exercises in April – which is super, super early – but it’s exciting for the seniors, who are ready to get out into the real world.  Read More TV’s Greatest Graduations

A Real “Whodunnit?” Coming to Television

I have always loved a good mystery. My favorite board game has and always will be Clue (honorable mention: Mall Madness), I used to read Nancy Drew books like they were going out of style, and the greatest episode ever of Saved by the Bell was when Lisa won a murder mystery weekend for the gang. That’s why I am so excited by the news that ABC will soon be airing Whodunnit?, a reality show that basically brings that Saved by the Bell premise to life.  Read More A Real “Whodunnit?” Coming to Television

Turning a TV Show into the Perfect Party

I started working at my alma mater last month as the social media specialist. I love being back on a university campus, especially one as beautiful as this. I’m not gonna lie; it’s also pretty awesome to be regularly mistaken for a student.  Read More Turning a TV Show into the Perfect Party

If They Would Reunite, It Would Feel So Good (Or, My Dream TV Reunions)

I love when television ensembles have reunions. These days, when casts get together again, it’s usually on a talk show or in a magazine. I want more shows, though, where we don’t see the actors and actresses and how they look now, but the actual characters and their lives today.  Read More If They Would Reunite, It Would Feel So Good (Or, My Dream TV Reunions)

Community: We Want Drugs!

The opening seconds had Troy and Abed in bee costumes, and based on Troy’s defeated look I thought maybe it was an Abed project. You can imagine my disappointment when it soon became clear we were looking at another Annie episode. Apparently Annie volunteered the study group to star in an anti-drug play for a bunch of middle schoolers. (Does anyone else feel like we’re getting into dangerous Saved by the Bell territory here? It seems like these people are the only ones at the school who do anything, ever.) Read More Community: We Want Drugs!