Awesome Women of Color in Sci-Fi/Fantasy Films: Alice Braga

Last week, I asked for some suggestions of women of color in science fiction and fantasy films. This week, I wanted to highlight an actress who isn’t usually thought of as a science-fiction/fantasy actress in the way that someone like Gina Torres may be, but who has been quietly carving herself a little niche in the genres for the last decade: Alice Braga. Read More Awesome Women of Color in Sci-Fi/Fantasy Films: Alice Braga

Ladyghosts: Battlestar Galactica “Water”

So last week, “33,” the first episode post-Mini-series, introduced us to the everything-is-so-crazy-we-can’t-sleep-and-look-like-zombies world that is this rag-tag fleet of would-be survivors (I swear I don’t usually use so many hyphens), where, shall we say, difficult choices have to be made at an increasingly alarming and accelerated rate. Read More Ladyghosts: Battlestar Galactica “Water”

Middlemarch Madness Voting, Round 2

It’s seven o’clock, which means it’s Middlemarch time! After the cut I have last night’s winners, and updated bracket AND the polls for the 7s v. 10s.  So don’t say I never gave you anything.  Last night’s battles were all super, super close with no more than 10 votes separating the individuals.   Curious? Click on!

After exchanging leads multiple times, these are your results from last night.

Junior SciFi/Fantasy/Dystopia division: Luna Lovegood defeats Ginny Weasley

Junior Fiction Division: Laura Ingalls defeats Leslie from Bridge to Terabithia

Adult SciFi/Fantasy/Dystopia division: Angua defeats Fran from The Stand

Adult Fiction Division: Francie Nolan barely defeats Nora from A Doll’s House.

And for tonight’s poll: