Buy Local

I’ve been meaning to write about the “Buy Local” trend for a while. You know which one, the pandering about eating locally grown/produced foods, buying clothes made within the community, etc. The reasoning behind it is quite logical, it makes sense in a sustainable kind of way. You support your local community, you support yourself (help create jobs, do your part to reduce carbon footprint, etc.). Read More Buy Local

The Real Housewives of NY never have to deal with this shit

Several years ago when I lived in Brooklyn, before bedbugs were the scourge of the rich and famous, they were the scourge of everyone else, including yours truly.  For a few weeks I noticed some welts. I decided I was having an allergic reaction to something and dismissed them. Then a couple weeks later I got them again. I knew that NYC had a bed bug epidemic. And news sources reassured me that it is not because I am filthy, but still, I was in complete denial that they were a possibility. Ok, not complete denial. I looked on the internet for how you detect bed bugs. I checked my mattress, noticed no signs, and called it good. Until a Tuesday night when I was sitting in bed, felt something on me and found a bed bug. Tuesday night didn’t provide a lot of rest.  Wednesday night wasn’t a lot better and I slept on the couch. I had torn apart my room looking for more evidence and found a bedbug cemetery in my box spring, a nauseatingly clear sign that yes, I did have bed bugs. Read More The Real Housewives of NY never have to deal with this shit