Expat Ramblings: Make the Most of Your Language!

Over in Facebookland, a friend of mine recently posted a link to an expat’s blog post. In it, the writer expressed her fear of losing her native language while living abroad and not using it the way she used to. My friend and many other expats shared her concerns. And while I can relate to many of the examples used in the article, I’m not convinced. Read More Expat Ramblings: Make the Most of Your Language!

LTP – 8/17/11

I have written before about my Rosetta Stone journey (which I have been neglecting. Lo siento, espa̱ol!), but my Spanish is passable enough to allow me to communicate marginally with the Spanish-speaking tourists who come to my job daily. I still retain a marginal level of French-speaking ability, even though I used to be fluent, and I can converse with our amis Francophones as long as they remind me of words I have forgotten. But if I had to choose one language to be fluent in it would absolutely be Spanish. Read More LTP Р8/17/11