Self Acceptance

It seems to me that nowadays, the idea of self-love has become a trend. As far as I can remember, I’ve always seen my aunt read about it in magazines, but I feel as though in today’s society it is more of a grossing business and less of a personal and spiritual matter. Read More Self Acceptance

Mixed Nuts

Like a can of mixed nuts! That’s how I feel about Valentine’s Day. When I was growing up, those cans of Planter’s Mixed Nuts® would magically appear once or twice a year in the living room. At first glance, they looked like the regular dark blue can of roasted salted peanuts, easy for me to ignore, peanuts were never my “fave.” (Why I love peanut butter but can live in the same house with a can of roasted salted peanuts without any temptation for noshing on them still mystifies me). But this can, upon closer inspection, was the bonus can of “Mixed Nuts.” If I was lucky to get to the can before my dad, there may be some filberts left. I LOVED the filberts. If I got there before my sister, I could still “score” some pecans. But the true treasures for me were the cashews. Even rarer was finding a cashew in its entirety and not just a chip of the crescent or a split half; but the full cashew. Read More Mixed Nuts

Five Card Draw

Writing a blog about size acceptance, size diversity, and struggling with feelings about food, weight, and body image is like leaving your house to mail a letter and finding yourself taking unexpected detours along the way. Eventually the letter gets mailed but what could have been a five-minute walk around the block frequently turns in to a three-hour tour.

Read More Five Card Draw

Trick or Treat: What is the Scariest Part of Halloween?

I know, I know seasonal blogs. We are all filled to the brim reading about Halloween, and it won’t be long before every other blogger and I will be writing about Thanksgiving and then Christmas and then a nice hiatus before we get to write about “The New Beginnings of Spring Tra La!”  But I really have a few things I want to say about Halloween. So please indulge me for just a few minutes. Read More Trick or Treat: What is the Scariest Part of Halloween?

Cruel Days, Cruel Days”¦

You know it when you see it. It’s subtle but intense. It is that look of terror in the eyes of girls all over the country right about now. Not all girls; mostly middle- to upper-middle-class girls. And not girls who go to schools with required uniforms. Read More Cruel Days, Cruel Days”¦

Power Tripping

I recently wrote about American’s wait problem and the tendency many people have to put their lives on hold until they achieve what is frequently an unattainable goal of thinness, a magical number on the scale, or a specific jeans size. And lest I made it sound too easy, I know all too well that starting a wait loss program, is no easy task. It forces us to embark on a whole different kind of power trip that takes a great deal of I will power and even more I won’t power. Read More Power Tripping